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Life has never been an easy journey. We all have our own personal crosses to bear. Sometimes you may envy the life of another only to find out that someone wishes to live your own life too. The irony is never lost. Every day is a struggle not only to survive but to realize our fullest potential without necessarily starving ourselves or isolating ourselves from others in an attempt to shelter us from pain and failure. Other people may cheer you on to keep on going but only yourself can be your greatest cheerleader. Nobody will fight your battles but yourself. Harsh as it may seem but that is the reality of our lives. So, all of us should learn how to put our personal dramas aside and cope with life the best way we can. After all, you may not change the circumstances of your life but you can certainly change your disposition.

Choosing to see the bright side in life is a personal choice we should all make. Enough with the petty excuses because it will lead you nowhere. You reap what you sow, so do good in order to receive good karma. Your background in life should not even be an excuse as to why your life is a mess or the way it is now. Not everyone who grew up in poverty remained the way they are in their adult life because they chose to rise above the situation and do better with whatever they are given with at the time. It all boils down to your perspectives. If you can’t deal with it, change the situation to how you want it to be.

We need to wake up individually before we destroy ourselves, our worldwide family and our home Mother Earth. It is a combination of a spiritual awakening and a shift of consciousness awakening.

We need to wake up to our true authentic creative inner self. For the majority of people who come from a dysfunctional family system, they internalize a false self that runs their life. The true self is hidden and has a lot of blockages and will stay hidden until a person does some personal growth work to discover their authentic true self to replace the false self. The false self is self-defeating and has self-hate and the true self is self-enhancing and has self-love.

We need to wake up to personal growth. There is always room for personal self- improvement and growth. We are never too old to grow up. In order to go on a personal growth journey, we must first admit to ourselves that there are areas in our life that has room for personal growth. Personal growth is an inside job and as our inner person grows and changes than our outer world also grows and changes.


The premise here is simple: learn to hustle up and stop complaining. No matter how much you complain about why things are the way they are, nothing ever changes. The situation persists unless you do something tangible and stop pitying yourself for real. As we age, we learn more in life and these lessons often teach us how to better cope with problems that we encounter. Personal growth is a must for you to be a better person and it can have a big impact to your professional life too. If you continue to live with negative thoughts running in your mind, blessings will be far in between and the struggle would be even harder. Stop playing victim and face the consequences of mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Betterment is the consumer trend that encapsulates this very thinking. According to Trendwatching, it is the quest for improved lives through brand and product choices that create efficiencies and enhance lifestyles. To take this a step further, consumers have now begun to associate their own personal self-improvement or ‘reinvention’ with their contribution to making the world a better place. And, in a time where activism has become virtual (what we have come to know as ‘slacktivism’), consumers look to brands to make the world a better place.

Sounds like a far stretch? Not at all. In a 2015 study of 29 international markets and 30 000 respondents, 84{8ac3549fb49be0abeb04696ede088af475fe40f0b5f5fcd57daf076bbc166935} of 30 000 people surveyed across 29 international markets — including India and China — believe brands have the ability to effect more positive change than governments (Branding Strategy Insider 2015).

“Reconciliation brands” is the global trend that encapsulates how, more than ever, brands have the power to help consumers become their ultimate self: “Ever more aware of rising social tensions and historic inequalities, consumers are looking to brands and businesses to take meaningful action that brings people together, heals divides, rights wrongs and promotes harmony” (Trendwatching 2016).


Not solely limited to yourself, personal improvement is even used by businesses now to make money. As we make our way through life and discover the essence of our being, there are certain products and services you can use to help you discover yourself and become the best person you can ever be. That’s how we can ultimately make the world a better place, and many people are lured to try these goods/services to spare themselves from the pain and hassle of having to learn all these things in a series of trials and errors that aren’t just time-consuming but may be painful too. If you can afford it, go ahead. If you can’t, then simply live life the way most people in the planet do: live in the moment.


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