Tech Life-Hacks Employees Must Know

Almost everyone uses tech gadgets now. They are a staple in life and are used in just about every aspect of living. Can you imagine not having your trusted smartphone with you? You feel empty, right. It’s even enough to prompt people to go back home just to get their gadget back. And whether you are at work or school, you can’t just avoid having to use a tech gadget of sort like a computer because that is how everything works right now. If you have a business, it is even more crucial for you to transform your business and take it online because of the enormous amount of potential there is for the growth of your business.

Since you are not alone in running your shop/store and there is a likelihood you employ other people to get things going, it is likewise a must for you to ensure they are familiar and savvy in operating tech devices needed to run your shop or risk sabotaging your business without you knowing. Your employees may also be required to manage your business online like what other businesses do, so you do not just let loose individuals who know nothing about all these things especially if your business is your bread and butter in life.

  How to Use Search Engines in an Advanced Way: Everyone knows how to use a search engine but here I am not talking about only typing words to Google. What I mean is using search engines in a more advanced way such as adding quotation marks or Boolean operators like AND, OR, NOT. As a result, you can save a lot of time and eliminate the unwanted results from the beginning. Also, while scanning through the returned search results, you need to know how to distinguish a good reliable resource from a bad one.

  How to Back up Your Data: You never know when your computer will crash or be stolen or any other disastrous event will happen. Therefore, it is always recommended to back up your important files, photos or documents. In this way, you can prevent data loss. It is best to use cloud systems for backing up data such as Dropbox or Box or you can try old fashioned alternatives like using a hard drive. There are also tools available that are built in computers. These are Windows Backup or Apple’s Time Machine. You can set them up in order to back your data up with an external hard drive.


Computers may be a science but at least it is not rocket science that can leave one dumbfounded. Meaning, a little common sense, and some practical knowledge is all you need to learn how to navigate from one device to the other and how to keep your business running in the virtual world. Moreover, they must know the importance of data and what they should do to keep those data protected from unintentional loss or prevent it from getting corrupted somewhere along the way.

Mr Khamis said internal attacks largely occur when an employee helps the attacker due to their lack of understanding of the threats.

“These days, the one-click processes that most banks are trying to achieve for any kind of application they want to enhance customer experience actually lead to some of these incidents that we currently face in the financial sector,” he said.

“I always tell my team to go back to the basics, [especially when] organisations in the Arab world depend on people more than the process, so when that person leaves, it goes back to zero.”


As progress continues and takes the world in the direction of more complex and sophisticated technologies, there will likely be a breach along the way. Criminals will look for the weakest link somewhere and concentrate their attack there. Constantly telling your staff to be cautious in opening dubious-looking emails is not enough. It is especially true in the case of ransomware attacks that spread like wildfire because the person on the receiving end unintentionally corrupted the system because of their carelessness or ignorance. Entrepreneurs should not overlook and invest on these things as much as well if they want their businesses to prosper and bring in the bacon in the years to come.


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