New Trends In Web Designs

The web is constantly changing. Technology is fast advancing that what we are using today may soon be rendered obsolete in the next few years. This is especially true when it comes to web design. Companies try to out-win one another with their clever tricks and online magic to boost brand relevance in a competitive market that has always kept everyone on their toes. You just need to remember that a good web design is more user-friendly and enhances the overall customer experience whenever they access your site. Hence, it pays to keep yourself updated on what’s in and what’s not, not only to make your website look good but more so to increase profit because you are running a business after all.

This is even more imperative now as the world becomes increasingly global where time and distance are no longer that big of a hindrance to people and businesses as it once was. At a day and age dominated by social media and smart gadgets, it is but a must to ensure you can immediately connect to people in a platform they love using. Entrepreneurs that succeed in building their brand into something even greater grasp the importance of establishing and maintaining a strong online presence but you can only do that with a web design that users won’t have any difficulty using that likewise delivers all the key concepts you want your consumers to know and understand.

In a time when Google and Facebook dominate web traffic and publishers are struggling to keep pace, pageviews have never been more important. But how can news organizations compete with the duopoly?

Apparently by going back to basics.

According to a study conducted by the Engaging News Project — an initiative of the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas, Austin — redesigning a website’s homepage could increase pageviews and the amount of time users spend on the page. But the results were mixed.

The study was conducted in conjunction with the launch of two major news organizations’ redesigned homepages, one Canadian and one American. Around the same time, nearly 1,000 Canadians and 1,000 Americans participated in online experiments, in which they were randomly shown either the old homepage or the updated one, and then asked questions about their perception and recall.


While most companies already have web pages of their own, it still pays to reach a bigger audience through social media and by meeting certain criteria of search engines so that the public are more aware of the brand even when they are browsing other sites or simply browsing their social media news feed. The world has become so much smaller and it can be a good thing for you and your business if you know what tools to use and how to use them right.

There are scores of website designing platforms that develop and design websites using simple means; however, the results do not match industry standards that are successfully set by large companies, who are ready to pay thousands of dollars for the services of website and graphic designers.

These factors have created a new demand for advanced technology requirement, where any website designer can create spellbinding websites using AI. Through the use of AI, web designers can create compelling websites through complex algorithms of codes and logics.

In this new AI technology, all one needs to do is to answer a series of questions that are asked by the AI assistant. This assists the system in evaluating key nuances of your business and its ultimate nature, along with blueprint of the website you require for your business. With scores of hours of algorithmic programs, it successfully suggests the perfect and ideal combination of layout, design, branding, and content, which will surely help your website attain large amounts of traffic as well as provide leads in the future.


We all know that nothing is set in stone when it comes to technology. The ones we are using right now that seem mind-blowing will soon become obsolete as newer advancements are made as the days and years pass by. Web designers continue to develop and innovate better, easy to use, and advanced web designs that meet the requirements of businesses today and what the people are comfortable in using. You might gush over the web designs of today but you’ll sure be laughing at your silly self several years from now when more artificially advanced designs become the norm because they are already in the works now.


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