Talking About Data Recovery Services

The hard drive is the device within the computer that stores and retrieves data as the computer functions. Inside this drive is a disk that works with a read-write mechanism to store new data and then provide that data when the user calls upon it. Everything is stored onto this disk including pictures, documents, videos, programs, anything installed as well as the computer’s operating systems. The hard drive is essential to the function of your computer and many people choose to back-up, or create copies of, the data that is stored on it. In the event of a hard drive crash, data is often lost as the disk is unreadable and therefore the information is inaccessible. Data can be lost due to hard drive crash or physical damage leaving the hard drive too corrupted to retrieve your data. Hard drive recovery experts like the Hard Drive Recovery Associates can provide data recovery services to extract your important files from your damaged or malfunctioning hard drive.

Most commonly, hard drive malfunctioning occurs when the hard drive has overheated often due to a build-up of dust but can also occur from power surges or simple wear and tear. Regardless of the reason for hard drive failure, your data can still be retrieved. When your computer begins to alert you that files are corrupted or sends other cryptic messages, or your drive begins to emit a clicking noise when your turn it on, the hard drive must be turned off immediately. If you attempt to access the hard drive following hard drive failure data can be further corrupted and become much more difficult to retrieve or irretrievable altogether.

Once the system is turned off, Hard Drive Recovery Associates should be contacted to determine what happened to your hard drive and how your data can be retrieved. Diagnosing your data retrieval needs is completely free and will provide you with the necessary service to recover your data. The damaged or malfunctioning hard drives can be shipped to a physical location or if RAID array is used with you hard drive, data retrieval can be done remotely by establishing a channel between the customer and a technician. However, remote recovery is not an option with single hard drive failure and so the hard drive must be mailed to an accredited technician.

When the hard drives are mailed to the Hard Drive Recovery Associates clean room lab, the hard drives are opened in a certified cleanroom. These cleanrooms contain far fewer particles in the air than any normal environment so that further damage to the sensitive disks of your hard drive is not a possibility. The technicians are covered in special suits that are thoroughly cleaned before entering the room. Accessing the disk of your hard drive in any environment other than a cleanroom can leave the disk scratched and unreadable. The cost of these services ranges anywhere from $49.00 to $2500.00 depending on the type of recovery you require but averages $200.00 to $500.00 for physical hard drive failure.

The use of hard drive recovery software is highly advised against as it can cause irreparable damage to already corrupted files. Only experts, like those at Hard Drive Recovery Associates are qualified to open your hard drive and access the lost data. They guarantee your files will be retrieved or no fee is charged so there is no risk involved in trusting your hard drive to their recovery technicians.

In some cases, hard drive repair and recovery is not necessary and technicians can guide you over the phone to retrieve data on your own. They are available 24/7, all days of the year.




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  1. great post but now a days data is much more secure on google and other online drives,we can share or use our data from any where any time

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