Bringing Out The Best In You

Life has never been an easy journey. We all have our own personal crosses to bear. Sometimes you may envy the life of another only to find out that someone wishes to live your own life too. The irony is never lost. Every day is a struggle not only to survive but to realize our fullest potential without necessarily starving ourselves or isolating ourselves from others in an attempt to shelter us from pain and failure. Other people may cheer you on to keep on going but only yourself can be your greatest cheerleader. Nobody will fight your battles but yourself. Harsh as it may seem but that is the reality of our lives. So, all of us should learn how to put our personal dramas aside and cope with life the best way we can. After all, you may not change the circumstances of your life but you can certainly change your disposition. Choosing to see the bright side in life is a personal choice we should all make.… Read the rest

How Literature Shapes A Person’s Mind

An individual is a product of their many experiences from youth to adulthood. Things that they encountered in their lifetime affects them big or small and contributes to the person they have become right now. And the written text (even spoken ones) has a lot to do with all your growth over the years as you continuously learn from them over the years and you still do until now. From nursery rhymes and fairy tales to educational texts in university to all those amazing literature you read in between, the author’s words have painted a beautiful picture in your mind and made the world a little brighter, actually. However, there is more to literature than just gaining knowledge and pure entertainment. It has actually helped shaped history and defines the culture and traditions of a certain place or even that of the world at large. It is constantly evolving and defining the current atmosphere and airing out the sentiments of the people, especially that of the writer. Literature is at… Read the rest

A Girl’s Disadvantage In Getting An Education

We all think that at this day and age everyone is able to enjoy equal right on almost everything we now enjoy. Yet gender equality still comes to mind although most of you probably think this should not be much of an issue anymore as we can see how women, in general, have managed to rise above the stereotype and show the rest of the world just what they are made of. Getting an education is perhaps the best tool women have that made them globally-competitive in the workplace and many countries support girls and women’s education today yet there are still some places where they consider it such a waste of time and money to educate young girls because they’ll just get married later in life after all. This notion is what prevents these young girls from ever growing and reaching their full potential. This reality is especially true in third-world and impoverished nations where thousands, if not millions of girls, fail to get an education each year and… Read the rest

Are You All Ready For The 2017 Nobel Prize In Literature?

Not everyone is destined for greatness but there are those a handful of individuals that defy the usual limitations faced by man and go the extra mile by achieving more in life. These people have a big impact on society and even do things that deserve them a place in history books. The Nobel Prize is a major honor bestowed to individuals with great contributions to the academe, cultural, and scientific advancements most people won’t even be able to dream of. Norwegian and Swedish institutions give this recognition to deserving people and this time around, we got our eyes on the literary winners. As the years go by, the judges taste also change with the times. Last year’s winner was a big surprise to everyone and it’s the reason why many are curious as to this year’s winner this time around. Only the individual who has produced the most distinctive and outstanding literary work in an ideal direction will be given the honor of winning Alfred Nobel’s award for Literature.… Read the rest

How Society Now Views Human Rights Organizations

There must be law and order for society to exist and thrive. A world in chaos is not an ideal place to live in, it’s as simple as that. Yet no matter how much we try to be civilized and respect one another, there are those who have no regards for society and do things that are the complete opposite of what’s expected from a decent human being. It is the reason why human rights organizations exist – to ensure that human rights are upheld and not violated while at the same time fighting for a person’s human right in the unlikely situation that it has been violated by another person/s. As the years go by, people start to develop a love-hate relationship towards human rights organizations especially that politics has not waned over time. Despite the influence of politics, though, many people have high regard for these human rights organizations in different parts of the globe. These organizations mediate on behalf of the people and have a big (positive)… Read the rest

Target’s New Apparel Line For Children With Disabilities

Parents of kids with disabilities know very well how challenging it is to raise a child with special needs. From special and intensive care they require as infants that only continues to become more taxing as they grow, life with a disabled child is no walk in the park indeed. Fortunately, society is trying to be more accommodating now when it comes to their special needs. There are establishments and institutions that are focused on the care of these kids and many businesses offer various types of support to meet the slightly more sensitive needs of children with disabilities. As businesses become more competitive and everybody is considered a customer, entrepreneurs are starting to realize that they can tap various individuals to widen their customer base. And children with disabilities aren’t an exception. Target now offers an apparel line entirely dedicated to them. And best of all, they are quite affordable too with prices ranging from $4.50 to $7. These apparels are especially suited for kids with special needs as… Read the rest

Charity Floods Grenfell Tower Victims

The world is far from perfect and this social injustice makes living in an imperfect world doubly harder. Simply surviving is not that easy because it is a challenge to even afford food, shelter, and even an education for many people in the world today. And things become even more difficult in the face of disaster when people lose everything that is familiar in their lives – their home, personal belongings, and even personal space where they can relax and feel comfortable. One of the worst things humans can face is a fire accident. They say it’s better for you to be robbed 10 times but not be ravaged by fire not even once because you’ll lose everything important to you in a snap. That’s how disastrous fires can be. The most controversial fire-related incident that happened lately is that of the Grenfell Tower in London. It was just several weeks ago when the 24-floor residential tower was ravaged by fire and eventually displaced several families and killed 79 unfortunate… Read the rest

Traveling on a Budget

Travel is expensive. It is a given. It is also the first stumbling block everyone should overcome when they decide to go somewhere new – near or far. Money can make or break any of your travel plans, so preparation is the key. Start saving money as early as possible and set aside a travel fund that is strictly for travel only. Make sure your travel plans include the budget for your plane flight, accommodation, food, and pocket money. But of course, it should be a given that you already prepared for the right set of clothing and shoes including pocket-sized toiletries well ahead of time.
The idea of traveling abroad while still in college can be intimidating when thinking about how much money it will cost. Most people believe that it costs an arm and a leg to travel through Europe. They are wrong. If you’re smart about your travels and are willing to “rough it” a little, you can travel on a budget. The price of your travels
Read the rest

Scientists March For A Cause

Science continues to evolve alongside technology. It has achieved so much over the centuries and the possibilities are still endless. Science allowed mankind to have a clearer understanding of the world we live in, innovate and improve our lives, cure diseases, and come up with futuristic technologies that define what’s in store for all of us years ahead. And it hasn’t been an easy ride or a cheap one either. Most scientific breakthroughs took years of hard work and lots of money before they paid off. Names of famous scientists will forever be etched in science books and in history as the people who pushed innovation even further so that new discoveries can be made. Unfortunately, the field of science has never been free of controversies. From rifts with fellow scientists to controversial treatments, science is just as colorful as its long history. Today, more issues continue to plague the field of science. News of budgets cuts can severely impact scientific programs. Scientists are fed up with the system and… Read the rest

What Food Shortage?

Humans have specific needs, the need for food, water, shelter, and education among others (sleep, too, with no snoring!). Once these needs are met, other needs can also be met but these primary needs must be met first because it is crucial for our survival. You die if you don’t eat or drink water. You put your safety and security at risk if you have no shelter from the elements and from all the bad people out there. Education enables us to reach our dreams and aspirations in life but isn’t as crucial as the other three because many people in the world actually live and die uneducated. As society progresses, the division between the rich and the poor becomes even more pronounced. You can see rich people spending money on luxuries we can only dream of while a big majority of the population suffer in poverty. The poor struggle to earn enough money for food. While those who can afford form long queues on supermarkets, others look… Read the rest