Are You All Ready For The 2017 Nobel Prize In Literature?

Not everyone is destined for greatness but there are those a handful of individuals that defy the usual limitations faced by man and go the extra mile by achieving more in life. These people have a big impact on society and even do things that deserve them a place in history books. The Nobel Prize is a major honor bestowed to individuals with great contributions to the academe, cultural, and scientific advancements most people won’t even be able to dream of. Norwegian and Swedish institutions give this recognition to deserving people and this time around, we got our eyes on the literary winners.

As the years go by, the judges taste also change with the times. Last year’s winner was a big surprise to everyone and it’s the reason why many are curious as to this year’s winner this time around. Only the individual who has produced the most distinctive and outstanding literary work in an ideal direction will be given the honor of winning Alfred Nobel’s award for Literature. There are rumors circulating as to who this year’s winner will be but they are simply hearsay. Let’s all leave it at that.

When Alfred Nobel established the literature prize in his name, he perhaps could have benefited from an editor. The terms of his will leave the prize’s exact intentions tantalizingly vague – making the literature award one of the most debated and entertaining of the Nobel Prizes.

The Swedish industrialist said he wanted the prize to recognize “the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction.”

On Thursday, theSwedish Academy will announce whom it considers to have met the criterion of “ideal” for the 2017 laurels.


From the very beginning, the standards set by Nobel when it comes to awarding literary works is subject to interpretation since it talks about the ideal direction. Just what the ideal direction is actually is a case-to-case basis and subject to the person’s interpretation of what is ideal for them and what is not. No wonder there have been controversial winners in the past that have raised the public’s eyebrow and questioned the very foundation of this award-giving body. Yet they continue to exist because people look up to them and are always inspired by the great works produced by individuals who get the award.

A year after the Swedish Academy shocked the world with its choice of Bob Dylan as the Nobel laureate for literature, the jury is preparing to unveil this year’s winner of the prestigious honour.

The academy, an assembly of 18 Swedes who are elected by secret ballot to their roles and hold them for life, has revealed that the Nobel laureate in literature will be announced on 5 October. More than half of the academy’s members must vote for the eventual winner, who is chosen from about 350 proposals made by literary experts and former Nobel laureates from around the world. Intended to honour Alfred Nobel’s desire to reward “the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction”, the SEK9m (£832,000) award has gone to 113 writers since 1901 – of whom 14 were women, 28 wrote in English and 77 wrote in prose.


If it were you, can you imagine the honor of winning such a prestigious award that only the truly great intellectuals of their time win? There are always controversies in any award-giving body and the Nobel Prize is no exception. They have more to prove now with their choice as last year’s winner caused so much ruckus up to several months after the announcement. Moreover, literature in itself is a broad category. Meaning, an expert on various aspects of literature can emerge as the winner, so the element of surprise will always be there. We can only keep guessing but it won’t be for long as the winner will be announced momentarily and show us what a real literary genius is made of.


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