Controversies Surrounding The Use Of Medical Marijuana

Health is something that we are all worried about at some point in our lives. It is even more valuable if you yourself or someone close to you got seriously sick and you realize just how absurdly expensive healthcare is. Medicines come at a hefty price. Medical consultations and doctor fees are beyond preposterous. Even medical services do not come in cheap. What’s even more depressing is that despite all these, the cure on many of today’s diseases eludes us and we end up sicker all the more. With all the progress we are making in the world of technology nowadays, it is easy to get blinded by our developments we tend to forget our sense of mortality. And once death comes knocking at your door, you are taken by surprise at how foolish you felt before and how much you relied on modern science to make you well once more. The thing is, there are lots of underrated treatments that are not within our reach whether for its price… Read the rest

How Fidget Toys Can Help You

We have seen our fair share of ordinary to outrageous toys over the years. From simple building blocks and chew toys for young kids to more expensive toys for the young and big boys alike like Playstation, Wii, and Xbox, most kids now consider smartphones, iPads, and tablets as their go-to toys to fight off daily boredom. Technology-based toys may be the norm today but the experts recommend active play among young kids for normal growth and development. Today, fidget toys are gaining popularity. They are excellent stress relievers for the chronically stressed and anxious and as a management for children diagnosed with ADHD. We can’t deny that life is more stressful now than it did decades ago. Technology was supposed to make our lives better and easier but it appears to be doing the opposite, albeit many of you will probably deny it. We absolutely adore social media and the Internet but we end up losing more precious time for ourselves to relax and recharge to keep our sanity… Read the rest

Modern-day International Relations

The Internet and social media bridge the gap among people of all walks of life all over the world. You can establish friendships with people of different nationalities on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or whatever social media site you frequent. However, wars are still fought and crimes continually rise. So, what does it say about international relations nowadays? When we talk about international relations, we often think of politics and world leaders. But considering how complex and dirty politics have become, conflicts among nations would remain and world peace will remain to be just a dream when conflict is prevalent even in our country. The nation hasn’t been this divided as it is now because of leaders like Donald Trump who continue to plant hate and discrimination in the minds and hearts of the people.
International reactions to the election of Donald Trump have catalyzed a far swifter collapse of the American-led world order than anyone could have imagined.  Interactions between great and middle-ranking powers are undergoing rapid evolution. 
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What Food Shortage?

Humans have specific needs, the need for food, water, shelter, and education among others (sleep, too, with no snoring!). Once these needs are met, other needs can also be met but these primary needs must be met first because it is crucial for our survival. You die if you don’t eat or drink water. You put your safety and security at risk if you have no shelter from the elements and from all the bad people out there. Education enables us to reach our dreams and aspirations in life but isn’t as crucial as the other three because many people in the world actually live and die uneducated. As society progresses, the division between the rich and the poor becomes even more pronounced. You can see rich people spending money on luxuries we can only dream of while a big majority of the population suffer in poverty. The poor struggle to earn enough money for food. While those who can afford form long queues on supermarkets, others look… Read the rest

Women In Power

Politics has always been a man’s world. Ever since the world we know started, men dominated this field. But we may be mistaken after all. There are reports of matriarchal societies in the not-so-distant past often led by the healer (often a woman) or the most dominant women of the tribe/ clan. So, it should not come as a surprise that women can be great world leaders too. Although it is not yet the time for America to elect its first woman president, the feat has been done in other countries in the past and until the present day. Enjoying equal voting right was just the beginning. Women did their part in shaping our society into a global community that welcomes the ideas and contribution of everyone regardless of gender but it seems that the number of women leaders have stagnated in recent years.
The number of women in executive roles in government and parliament globally has stagnated with only minor improvements since 2015, according to a new report by
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Activism During Trump Era

Diversity makes the world an interesting place to live in. Although conformity holds society together, diversity gives it life. And to give a blind eye to our nation’s diversity is just plain stupid and racist. Our country is a land of immigrants whether we want to admit it or not. Even Caucasians who call themselves conservative Americans are not the true people of this land. American Indians have long been delegated to the sidelines. Right then and there, social injustice has been committed to our forefathers by our own forefathers. And today, our new leader proclaims to bring back America its old glory by banishing the outsiders. How can we expect to have peace at all when sexism, racism, and other inequalities are committed in broad daylight? And when we talk about activism in the U.S., the Black Lives Matter movement is probably the one that best embodies this sensitive concept.
The Black Lives Matter movement is not a U.S. cultural export to Latin America and should not be treated
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The Arts In Distress

Since time immemorial, the arts have graced caves and ancient ruins. From stick figures to more complex hieroglyphics and statues, we all can’t help but admire the intricate details and the artistry behind these works of arts. Even people back then knew the value of the arts, not just for entertainment, but as an embodiment of a culture or perhaps an entire civilization. Today, we have museums for that. Just visit a museum and you can see a vast collection of artist’s works from then and now. While the rich filled their homes with expensive, beautiful and intricate artworks, the majority of us can only look at them and admire from a distance. If the proposed budgets cuts to the country’s art sector will push through, the future generations will likely grow up in a society devoid of the creative works of the finest artists in the land.
The National Endowment for the Arts’ $148 million budget represents about .012 percent, or about one 100th of federal discretionary spending —
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Trading With China During The Trump Era

We can’t deny that China is a force to reckon with. Their economy has grown roughly tenfold of what it once was, so President Trump should be careful with how the U.S. conducts trade relations with Asia’s giant and also the country’s largest trading partner. Many U.S. manufacturers and companies rely greatly on the Chinese economy for parts and labor of goods and services. When you go to the mall or do your grocery shopping, look at food labels and check where it was made. You’d likely see that it is made from China. Let us also not forget that they have the second largest economy in the world and that we willingly allowed them to dominate the U.S. markets for years now.
Trade theorist Paul Krugman once wrote: “The economist’s case for free trade is essentially a unilateral case — that is, it says that a country serves its own interests by pursuing free trade regardless of what other countries may do.” If empirical studies can lead top
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Gender Gap In Computing: Is It Still There?

Silicon Valley is the country’s hub for technology. Most computer and other tech-related start-ups had their humble beginnings in this place before they conquered the world. The brilliant minds behind their success are mostly men who have become famous icons that humanity will always look up to and be thankful for. Up to now, the majority of big tech companies are still founded and owned by men. But as technology is becoming more mainstream, not only does it capture the interest of men but of women too. Even though it is a man’s world just like politics, more and more women are making a name in a niche they have no place for in the past. And we can look forward to countless women throughout the globe who will rise up to the challenge of carving their place in the tech world (not just in computers, mind you, but in other aspects of the technological race) in the years to come.
It’s all about embracing an industry that hasn’t traditionally
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Overcoming Racial Diversity In The U.S.

Like any progressive first-world country, millions of foreign workers and immigrants flock to the United States for a greener pasture. Known for years now as the land of opportunity, people have the chance to transform their lives for the better in a country that has welcomed millions of other races for centuries now. Although much has changed when black slavery was still a thing, the many technological advancements we are now enjoying has not put a stop to the issue of racial diversity and discrimination. Others still pass judgment to the other person just because of their race and appearance. Amidst the recovering economy of America lies a deep-rooted problem on racism that seems to be far from over because of the controversial victory of President Donald Trump (who is also known to say racist and sexist remarks on live television). Not only in the United States but all over the world, racial discrimination persists to be a nagging problem of every society. Anyone who doesn’t belong is sure… Read the rest