San Diego Turns To Solar Energy For Power

While most homes and industries rely on good old electricity for power, a good number of people are taking initiatives to harness the power of renewable power sources (e.g. the sun, the wind, and the water). While most can be used for free, you may need to shell out some money at first to ensure your home can convert these energy sources into usable power. With the continually rising costs of energy and the fear that fossil fuels will eventually run out, it makes perfect sense to tap into other energy sources like the sun to fuel our electrical needs, whether at home or at work. And solar power is the perfect energy alternative for a city like San Diego that enjoys the sunshine all year round.
Whether measured by ZIP code or a simple count of kilowatts of capacity, the growth of residential solar in San Diego County in recent years has been undeniable as it has been exponential.   What remains to be seen is how long the upward
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San Diego’s Storms Strong For 2017

When it comes to weather, we can all be a bit cranky overall. Certainly, it does change depending on what we are used to, which is why for the normally temperate Southern California region, things seem quite strange at the moment. Storms have created the kind of temperature ranges and precipitation that the region is not normally used to:
A river of moisture that arose in the western Pacific shot across the ocean toward Ventura and Los Angeles counties, then suddenly angled south into Orange and San Diego counties, drenching the region with heavy rains. The storm caused sinkholes across Southern California. One swallowed two cars in Los Angeles. Another swallowed a fire truck in San Bernardino County. By early Saturday, coastal San Diego County had recorded some of the region’s highest rainfall, notably La Jolla, which got 2.07” of precipitation. Escondido received 1.60” and Del Mar and Oceanside got 1.53”. The downpour caused the San Diego and Santa Margarita rivers to surge to life, as well as the marshlands
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