Cyprus: New Home To Europe’s Largest Casino

Casinos have been around for years as the wealthy and the elite’s way of destressing and unwinding that often also involves a lot of cash. Ordinary people can’t easily step inside these posh casinos if they don’t have the cash to burn. It’s like an adult playground for adults who can afford to pay the hefty price of admission and of the pricey chips too. Casinos basically exist because of the various games of chance and the lavish hotels, posh shopping centers, lighted fountains, entertaining musical shows, etc. are just additional features that help in attracting people to come and make the gamble of their lives. Only a handful of patrons come out rich from casinos. Most people lose a lot of money, even millions, and they would keep on coming back for the chance to win their lost money back. The casino or the house is the only sure-fire winner in every game because of their statistical advantage that is known as “vig” or the rake but it all… Read the rest

How Fidget Toys Can Help You

We have seen our fair share of ordinary to outrageous toys over the years. From simple building blocks and chew toys for young kids to more expensive toys for the young and big boys alike like Playstation, Wii, and Xbox, most kids now consider smartphones, iPads, and tablets as their go-to toys to fight off daily boredom. Technology-based toys may be the norm today but the experts recommend active play among young kids for normal growth and development. Today, fidget toys are gaining popularity. They are excellent stress relievers for the chronically stressed and anxious and as a management for children diagnosed with ADHD. We can’t deny that life is more stressful now than it did decades ago. Technology was supposed to make our lives better and easier but it appears to be doing the opposite, albeit many of you will probably deny it. We absolutely adore social media and the Internet but we end up losing more precious time for ourselves to relax and recharge to keep our sanity… Read the rest