The Rise Of Cannabis Leads To The Fall Of Alcohol

We aspire to be at our best and healthiest but there are certain indulgences we can’t seem to resist. They may come in different forms and sizes and their effects on us varies too but we usually call them the same name: vices. Of course, the word vice in itself already has a negative connotation, an undying stigma it has to deal with to infinity and beyond, perhaps, because most of these bad habits have indeed messed up people’s lives and are the bane of society. You might ask why, the answer is obvious. People do a lot of crazy stuff when they are under the influence of these vices, most common of which are alcohol and illegal drug use. While also considered a taboo and a prohibited substance for the longest time, things have definitely looked better for the unassuming weed that we know as marijuana. Since the hippie days, cannabis advocates have never ceased to show to the world the beauty of marijuana but it fell on deaf… Read the rest

How Can Cannabis Help People With Autism?

People are born with autism. And for years now, only palliative management is offered to autistic patients. There is no known treatment for it yet. However, the experts continue their research in finding the best management for autism and help them lead normal lives. And we don’t even have to look far. The legalization of medical cannabis is a hot topic in and out of the Congress. Legislations are being passed or not by various state legislators as to whether or not medical marijuana will be legalized in their respective states. But many already resort to cannabis use under the radar especially to those patients who are desperate for a cure with or without the go signal of their doctors. And now, autistic patients can benefit from it too.
Preventable injuries often lead to death among people with autism, a new study says. They are three times more likely than the general population to die because of injuries, according to the study, published Tuesday in the American Journal of Public
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Controversies Surrounding The Use Of Medical Marijuana

Health is something that we are all worried about at some point in our lives. It is even more valuable if you yourself or someone close to you got seriously sick and you realize just how absurdly expensive healthcare is. Medicines come at a hefty price. Medical consultations and doctor fees are beyond preposterous. Even medical services do not come in cheap. What’s even more depressing is that despite all these, the cure on many of today’s diseases eludes us and we end up sicker all the more. With all the progress we are making in the world of technology nowadays, it is easy to get blinded by our developments we tend to forget our sense of mortality. And once death comes knocking at your door, you are taken by surprise at how foolish you felt before and how much you relied on modern science to make you well once more. The thing is, there are lots of underrated treatments that are not within our reach whether for its price… Read the rest

Why Is Cosmetic Medicine So Popular Today?

While most Americans are fighting for better health care services and affordable health insurance coverage, there are some who are fighting a different battle. It all comes down to perspectives. What is important for you may not be important to the other person. And while all of us value the importance of a healthy mind and body, there are those who put equal importance to their aesthetics. The field of cosmetic medicine has been flourishing for years now because the demand for it is growing. The aging of the baby boomers resulted to the rise of cosmetic medicine clinics to help this generation combat or delay the signs of aging.
Not only has the number of consumers who want to have cosmetic surgery doubled since 2013, but the top four treatments they want to have are all technology based, including energy for skin tightening, laser and light for skin imperfections, body sculpting and laser hair removal. That’s according to survey results released this week by The American Society for
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Say Goodbye To Snoring And Say Hello To A Good Night’s Sleep

Gone were the days when we hated being told to go to sleep as kids. Our curious and active spirits enjoy the wild outdoors and the many discoveries and learning we make in our daily adventures. But as we grow up and take on more adult responsibilities, rest and relaxation is a welcome reprieve. But sleep has become more of a luxury for many nowadays. Work is more demanding. When in the past your time after work is just for you and your family, your boss and clients can still reach you now through texts, calls or emails. Technology has become a distraction too. #FOMO or our crazy fear of missing out keeps us glued to our smart gadgets and logged in to our various social media accounts. It is one of the reasons why we are still wide awake in the wee hours of the morning and it exacerbates a medical condition known as sleep apnea, which has a big impact on sleep quantity and quality. Most snorers suffer… Read the rest