The Struggles Of Going Solar

It is as if we are not facing enough problems today but the growing threat of dwindling energy resources is something we can’t just put off any longer. Efforts to fund and transition to the use of more environment-friendly power sources should be put into effect right now while we still have a lot of time on our hands. It may be costly and require a lot of work but we should look into these options now before we face a crisis in our midst that we won’t be able to handle. The most logical solution to this energy issue is to tap into renewable energy resources. The funny thing about this somewhat lapse of judgment on our part is that our ancestors have been using them since the beginning of time we all wonder where humanity has gone wrong through the years. The sun, the wind, and the water have fueled ancient civilizations of the distant past but why can’t all of us follow their lead? Man is still… Read the rest