The Arts In Distress

Since time immemorial, the arts have graced caves and ancient ruins. From stick figures to more complex hieroglyphics and statues, we all can’t help but admire the intricate details and the artistry behind these works of arts. Even people back then knew the value of the arts, not just for entertainment, but as an embodiment of a culture or perhaps an entire civilization. Today, we have museums for that. Just visit a museum and you can see a vast collection of artist’s works from then and now. While the rich filled their homes with expensive, beautiful and intricate artworks, the majority of us can only look at them and admire from a distance. If the proposed budgets cuts to the country’s art sector will push through, the future generations will likely grow up in a society devoid of the creative works of the finest artists in the land.
The National Endowment for the Arts’ $148 million budget represents about .012 percent, or about one 100th of federal discretionary spending —
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Trading With China During The Trump Era

We can’t deny that China is a force to reckon with. Their economy has grown roughly tenfold of what it once was, so President Trump should be careful with how the U.S. conducts trade relations with Asia’s giant and also the country’s largest trading partner. Many U.S. manufacturers and companies rely greatly on the Chinese economy for parts and labor of goods and services. When you go to the mall or do your grocery shopping, look at food labels and check where it was made. You’d likely see that it is made from China. Let us also not forget that they have the second largest economy in the world and that we willingly allowed them to dominate the U.S. markets for years now.
Trade theorist Paul Krugman once wrote: “The economist’s case for free trade is essentially a unilateral case — that is, it says that a country serves its own interests by pursuing free trade regardless of what other countries may do.” If empirical studies can lead top
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Gender Gap In Computing: Is It Still There?

Silicon Valley is the country’s hub for technology. Most computer and other tech-related start-ups had their humble beginnings in this place before they conquered the world. The brilliant minds behind their success are mostly men who have become famous icons that humanity will always look up to and be thankful for. Up to now, the majority of big tech companies are still founded and owned by men. But as technology is becoming more mainstream, not only does it capture the interest of men but of women too. Even though it is a man’s world just like politics, more and more women are making a name in a niche they have no place for in the past. And we can look forward to countless women throughout the globe who will rise up to the challenge of carving their place in the tech world (not just in computers, mind you, but in other aspects of the technological race) in the years to come.
It’s all about embracing an industry that hasn’t traditionally
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Overcoming Racial Diversity In The U.S.

Like any progressive first-world country, millions of foreign workers and immigrants flock to the United States for a greener pasture. Known for years now as the land of opportunity, people have the chance to transform their lives for the better in a country that has welcomed millions of other races for centuries now. Although much has changed when black slavery was still a thing, the many technological advancements we are now enjoying has not put a stop to the issue of racial diversity and discrimination. Others still pass judgment to the other person just because of their race and appearance. Amidst the recovering economy of America lies a deep-rooted problem on racism that seems to be far from over because of the controversial victory of President Donald Trump (who is also known to say racist and sexist remarks on live television). Not only in the United States but all over the world, racial discrimination persists to be a nagging problem of every society. Anyone who doesn’t belong is sure… Read the rest

Electronics Ban On U.S.-bound Flights

Air travel imposes a lot of restrictions on travelers. From check in until arrival, passengers must observe air travel etiquette that is widely practiced in the industry throughout the globe, most of which are precautionary measures for the safety of everyone on the flight. While most restrictions include limitations on baggage weight and content (checked-in or hand carry), the use of electronics in-flight is also a big no-no. Although using electrical gadgets has actually been allowed on longer flights, the U.S. now imposes a strict rule to ban the use of electronics on some U.S.-bound flights.
The US government will soon begin enforcing a ban on travelers bringing electronics in carry-on luggage on some flights traveling to the US. News of the ban landed Monday when Royal Jordanian Airlines said in a since-deleted tweet that it received a directive from “concerned US departments” that passengers would not be permitted to bring any electronic items into the plane’s cabin, except cellphones and medical devices. Cameras, tablets and ebooks, laptops, and other
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Why Is Cosmetic Medicine So Popular Today?

While most Americans are fighting for better health care services and affordable health insurance coverage, there are some who are fighting a different battle. It all comes down to perspectives. What is important for you may not be important to the other person. And while all of us value the importance of a healthy mind and body, there are those who put equal importance to their aesthetics. The field of cosmetic medicine has been flourishing for years now because the demand for it is growing. The aging of the baby boomers resulted to the rise of cosmetic medicine clinics to help this generation combat or delay the signs of aging.
Not only has the number of consumers who want to have cosmetic surgery doubled since 2013, but the top four treatments they want to have are all technology based, including energy for skin tightening, laser and light for skin imperfections, body sculpting and laser hair removal. That’s according to survey results released this week by The American Society for
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Home Improvement Trends In The U.S.

Is appearance still important in times of crisis? Probably not for those practical and level-headed consumers. But because social acceptance is important for many, it is not enough that you put food on the table and send your kids to school, keeping a beautiful home you can show off to others also matters. Spring has come and the weather is improving. It means hibernation is almost over and we can enjoy the outdoors. Lots of work is involved in making your home attractive once more after sustaining a nasty blow from Mother Nature last winter, most of which involves home improvement projects and repairs.
In 2015, U.S. homeowners spent $221 billion on home improvement, maintenance, and repairs, according to a report released Wednesday by the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS). The center estimates 2020 spending to reach $243 billion.
And despite this additional expense on sprucing up your home, it actually means good news for the country’s economy.
There are several drivers for the booming home improvement
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Are Computers Getting Smarter Than Us?

Modern living relies on a lot of technology. From household appliances to entertainment gadgets, we depend on it in everything we do. Who would’ve thought a couple of decades ago that we will be using smartphones and smart televisions when we used to watch from bulky television boxes with no other special features? Social media is a far bigger platform with people’s lives and businesses revolving around it. Technology is definitely more superior now. But we should acknowledge the people and their brilliant minds behind all these advancements. It has even confused come and made them think that computers have become smarter than us. And actually, it might just be a possibility sooner than we expected.
Your smartphone is about to get a brain in the form of a neurally inspired computer chip, and it will be based on the first truly new sort of computing hardware since the invention of computers themselves. These chips are already beginning to change the industry, but now they’re making their way into consumer
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Say Goodbye To Snoring And Say Hello To A Good Night’s Sleep

Gone were the days when we hated being told to go to sleep as kids. Our curious and active spirits enjoy the wild outdoors and the many discoveries and learning we make in our daily adventures. But as we grow up and take on more adult responsibilities, rest and relaxation is a welcome reprieve. But sleep has become more of a luxury for many nowadays. Work is more demanding. When in the past your time after work is just for you and your family, your boss and clients can still reach you now through texts, calls or emails. Technology has become a distraction too. #FOMO or our crazy fear of missing out keeps us glued to our smart gadgets and logged in to our various social media accounts. It is one of the reasons why we are still wide awake in the wee hours of the morning and it exacerbates a medical condition known as sleep apnea, which has a big impact on sleep quantity and quality. Most snorers suffer… Read the rest

The State Of The U.S. Agriculture

Technology may be the apple of our eyes now but there are other industries that matters just as much but do not get the attention it deserves. And I am talking about the agriculture sector. The American may do farming differently right now with the various technologies in place to make crop planting and food farming easier and done at a larger scale but let us also acknowledge the many small-time farmers who do everything like it was did in the past. As we all become aware of various agricultural and manufacturing processes and its relation to the state of our health, we understand the value of eating food free of chemicals and pesticides that are a common practice in modern-day farming. The demand for organic produce is increasing and now even has a place on the shelves of some major food retailers and supermarkets. More people are patronizing local farmer’s market in search of the freshest and healthiest fruits and veggies in the land. But despite all these… Read the rest