Should We Be Worried About The Trump Administration’s Science Priorities?

Advancements are made because of extensive and well-funded research and development studies and trials. It is the only way to innovate and improve our lives. Both the government and the private sector invest heavily in R&D for almost the same reason, with the latter openly doing it for monetary gain. Meanwhile, the government pushes forth these initiatives to improve the production and delivery of basic services and to perhaps discover better products or medical treatment to most diseases that have been plaguing mankind as of late. In both cases, R&D is an investment in future capabilities and technologies that are aimed to uplift people’s lives and change the way we live (hopefully, for the better). A country like America has always been at the forefront of major technologies, advancements, and innovations that the world has been blessed with over the last century and that is still the case until now. However, we all know how politics affect these issues and the federal state’s science-related initiatives depend on who’s sitting in… Read the rest

The Cons Of Quantum Computing

We all know we can’t stop progress from happening regardless of our reservations. There will always be someone hard at work into making new discoveries and advancing human life than what we know it today. At this point in time, most of us equate progress with technology. It is already a giveaway seeing all the tech gadgets we now own that were unheard of in the last few decades. We have accomplished so much and we can achieve so much more in the coming years that is without a doubt. We hear stories about what experts in the tech industry are up to now and quantum computing is almost always mentioned. It is the future that is waiting for us but will the human race really benefit from too much technology in our lives? As early as now, we are already aware of the negative effects of excessive technology use to humans especially when it comes to our health. We lose sleep, become overexposed to unnecessary radiation, and so… Read the rest

New Trends In Web Designs

The web is constantly changing. Technology is fast advancing that what we are using today may soon be rendered obsolete in the next few years. This is especially true when it comes to web design. Companies try to out-win one another with their clever tricks and online magic to boost brand relevance in a competitive market that has always kept everyone on their toes. You just need to remember that a good web design is more user-friendly and enhances the overall customer experience whenever they access your site. Hence, it pays to keep yourself updated on what’s in and what’s not, not only to make your website look good but more so to increase profit because you are running a business after all. This is even more imperative now as the world becomes increasingly global where time and distance are no longer that big of a hindrance to people and businesses as it once was. At a day and age dominated by social media and smart gadgets, it is but… Read the rest

Are Organizations Falling Behind Technology?

Organizations, big and small or private and public, must not shy away from using current technologies that make the world go round today if they want to stay relevant and connected to the public. We understand that some of these organizations are organized and led by much older people who are way past their prime and more likely not to be in touch with today’s technology, however, it should not be an excuse for their organizations to entirely bypass these advanced tools because they will lose a lot if they do so. Businesses today know very well that to stay competitive, they have to make use of all available resources so they stand out from the crowd especially against their competitors. Some older businesses try to ignore and shrug off these technologies only to realize much later that it was the turning point for their businesses. It is the reason why big organizations that were known in the past suddenly perished into thin air. They failed to adapt to these… Read the rest

AI In Daily Life

By now, almost everyone in the world uses some sort of technology or another except those minor tribes and groups of people who managed to evade progress by living off-grid in far-flung areas devoid of the perks of technology and rapid globalization. But for the rest of us, our daily grind is mainly comprised of a delicate balance of work, family life, and play. Where does technology come in? It is in all of those three, subtly intertwined and makes our world go round. However, would you believe it if you were told you are already using AI technology in your daily life right now? Perhaps no, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but the technology is already here even if you aren’t aware you are now using it in your daily life. After all, the very definition of artificial intelligence means any technology that simulates human behavior that is similar to what most commonly sold smartphones and smart gadgets now do. With the help of light sensors, camera,… Read the rest

Social Media’s Fight Against Terrorism

If there’s one thing that defines today’s era, it is the dominance of technology especially that of the Internet. As the web continues to flourish, platforms like social media became household’s name all over the world. Even countries plagued by poverty have room for social media in their lives. It has even become an addiction for many who can’t last a day without tinkering with their smart gadgets and browsing their social media news feed not to mention posting their latest selfie for the day. Aside from the rise of technology, one thing that has captured our attention for years now is the spread of terrorism in various parts of the globe. These religious extremists are often Muslim rebels who cause havoc and terror using their religion as a lame excuse. Millions have died and been displaced because war continues to ravage countries like Syria, for instance. For people living far from the war-zone, we wonder how we can put an end to terrorism without necessarily fighting these extremists in… Read the rest

Chinese Supercomputers Wow The World

China is the second biggest economy in the world next to that of America. Despite being clouded in mystery and remained in isolation until several decades ago, the Chinese were able to catch up fast with the rest of the world and become a force to reckon with that it is today. Not only does China have one of the biggest land space and highest population on the planet, many of the products sold in other countries are actually “Made in China” too. The Chinese definitely are competitive and they don’t stop just by being a big economic giant. They continue with their quest to develop innovative technologies that can make a big impact on human lives someday. And knowing that computers are at the heart of any technology, China has just recently launched the fastest supercomputer in the world that only uses local chip technology and even hardware (semiconductors). The decision to use and create exclusive Chinese materials is partly influenced by the US move to ban the exportation… Read the rest

Cyprus: New Home To Europe’s Largest Casino

Casinos have been around for years as the wealthy and the elite’s way of destressing and unwinding that often also involves a lot of cash. Ordinary people can’t easily step inside these posh casinos if they don’t have the cash to burn. It’s like an adult playground for adults who can afford to pay the hefty price of admission and of the pricey chips too. Casinos basically exist because of the various games of chance and the lavish hotels, posh shopping centers, lighted fountains, entertaining musical shows, etc. are just additional features that help in attracting people to come and make the gamble of their lives. Only a handful of patrons come out rich from casinos. Most people lose a lot of money, even millions, and they would keep on coming back for the chance to win their lost money back. The casino or the house is the only sure-fire winner in every game because of their statistical advantage that is known as “vig” or the rake but it all… Read the rest

The Struggles Of Going Solar

It is as if we are not facing enough problems today but the growing threat of dwindling energy resources is something we can’t just put off any longer. Efforts to fund and transition to the use of more environment-friendly power sources should be put into effect right now while we still have a lot of time on our hands. It may be costly and require a lot of work but we should look into these options now before we face a crisis in our midst that we won’t be able to handle. The most logical solution to this energy issue is to tap into renewable energy resources. The funny thing about this somewhat lapse of judgment on our part is that our ancestors have been using them since the beginning of time we all wonder where humanity has gone wrong through the years. The sun, the wind, and the water have fueled ancient civilizations of the distant past but why can’t all of us follow their lead? Man is still… Read the rest

Co-Parenting After Divorce

A parent’s life changes once kids come into the picture. It is no longer just about yourself but about that cute and tiny human being whose entire life now depends on you. Your kid becomes the center of your world and you try to parent the child the best way you know how. While most households are made up of a father, a mother, and the kids, many families right now are led by single parents. Divorce is no longer as controversial as it once was but just as traumatic for any child. But parents must learn to set aside their differences if they truly love their child and will put his / her best interest in mind. Co-parenting is not easy. It means you have to deal with (or even be friends with) the person who used to be your lover but became your worst enemy (most likely). You have no choice but to do that for the sake of your child.
Children are the ones most affected by
Read the rest