Technology’s Role In Education

Gone were the days when things were mostly done manually by hand. Technology has made things so much simpler for us and at the same time quite complex too considering the number of gadgets and contrivances we must familiarize ourselves with over time. Now, we are not even including in the equation the amount of money we have to spend in acquiring all these so-called tech necessities (yes, they’re no longer considered as mere luxuries) that are supposed to make our lives easier and more convenient but do they really do that? Children these days learn about technology at a young age. Most toddlers right now actually know how to navigate an iPad or any Android tablet to pass the time. Hence, it is no longer surprising to see curriculums being updated or revised entirely to ensure technology is included in just about everything because that is definitely the direction we are heading. Think about the future and you’d likely have something highly digital in your mind. That future has… Read the rest

Are You All Ready For The 2017 Nobel Prize In Literature?

Not everyone is destined for greatness but there are those a handful of individuals that defy the usual limitations faced by man and go the extra mile by achieving more in life. These people have a big impact on society and even do things that deserve them a place in history books. The Nobel Prize is a major honor bestowed to individuals with great contributions to the academe, cultural, and scientific advancements most people won’t even be able to dream of. Norwegian and Swedish institutions give this recognition to deserving people and this time around, we got our eyes on the literary winners. As the years go by, the judges taste also change with the times. Last year’s winner was a big surprise to everyone and it’s the reason why many are curious as to this year’s winner this time around. Only the individual who has produced the most distinctive and outstanding literary work in an ideal direction will be given the honor of winning Alfred Nobel’s award for Literature.… Read the rest

How Society Now Views Human Rights Organizations

There must be law and order for society to exist and thrive. A world in chaos is not an ideal place to live in, it’s as simple as that. Yet no matter how much we try to be civilized and respect one another, there are those who have no regards for society and do things that are the complete opposite of what’s expected from a decent human being. It is the reason why human rights organizations exist – to ensure that human rights are upheld and not violated while at the same time fighting for a person’s human right in the unlikely situation that it has been violated by another person/s. As the years go by, people start to develop a love-hate relationship towards human rights organizations especially that politics has not waned over time. Despite the influence of politics, though, many people have high regard for these human rights organizations in different parts of the globe. These organizations mediate on behalf of the people and have a big (positive)… Read the rest

Protective Measures Against Malware

The Internet is a wonderful place but it can be dangerous too. People young and old can get lost in the web for hours and having the time of their lives but there are hidden dangers to its use, too. Of course, it all has to deal with cybersecurity. And it is no easy feat knowing how knowledgeable, skilled, and ingenious modern-day hackers are. No amount of data protection can get in their way if they want something so bad. Over recent years, the rise of malware has been so prominent in the tech sector that it has crippled businesses and organizations by the thousands in various parts of the globe. Sometimes, you wonder why people just don’t give up and read a book! If you are someone who knows your way with technology and is savvy when navigating the web, chances are you own your own tech device as well. It can be a smart gadget or a computer or laptop. You are not simply using these gadgets but… Read the rest

Does It Make Sense To Worry Over An Eclipse?

For the longest time, mankind has been coming up with various superstitions and nonsense beliefs if they can’t explain something logically or scientifically. We try to make sense of everything that’s happening around us, so many freaks out when something happens that is out of the ordinary. An eclipse is something that has captivated us for years and left us in awe on the many mysteries that surround us. There have been numerous stories and myths but nothing really factual aside from the fact that there are instances during the moon’s orbit between the earth and the sun, it blocks the sun casting a shadow onto the planet. People believe a long list of Eclipse-related superstitions but why do you think these stories became popular in the first place? Pregnant women are advised to avoid it because it is bad for the unborn child. People are also advised not to look at it directly even with sunglasses on as it can harm your vision. Sorry to burst your bubble but… Read the rest

Supercomputer To Mars

We all know that computers are crucial to space exploration. How can you fly anywhere without it? Even planes use sophisticated aviation technology to take us from one destination to another, what more to take people to space. Ever since man landed on the moon, we haven’t really achieved much when it comes to space exploration. Things have pretty much stagnated, to say the least. It’s probably why news about sending supercomputers to Mars is exciting everyone right now because it may be the breakthrough we have all been waiting for over the years. It is not at all impossible for us to develop computers just for this purpose when consumer tech goods are actually pretty advanced these days. Many experts are hard at work in developing this supercomputer that will soon set foot in Mars to ensure the comfort and safety of astronauts sent to explore the red planet. Supercomputers are needed in space to speed up research that is slowly inching its way at a snail’s pace. Although… Read the rest

Ecologists Lose Funds For Environmental Efforts

The onset of global warming and climate change has made the majority of the population more aware of the state of the environment nowadays. It has triggered the public to contribute more when it comes to environmental conservation efforts in an attempt to salvage what’s left of the planet. While many participate in such activities, more actually do not and even contribute to the rise in carbon footprint especially in progressive first-world countries that are highly dependent on technologies fuelled by fossil fuel. It is depressing to think that there are government institutions in the world that do not support the fight to save the planet from its ultimate doom now that climate change is already our reality. Most countries set a budget for its environmental/ecological efforts but it is not always that big as compared to other services provided by the government like healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc. Without enough money, ecologists and environmentalists will have a hard time enforcing projects and initiatives they have laid out to protect the… Read the rest

Target’s New Apparel Line For Children With Disabilities

Parents of kids with disabilities know very well how challenging it is to raise a child with special needs. From special and intensive care they require as infants that only continues to become more taxing as they grow, life with a disabled child is no walk in the park indeed. Fortunately, society is trying to be more accommodating now when it comes to their special needs. There are establishments and institutions that are focused on the care of these kids and many businesses offer various types of support to meet the slightly more sensitive needs of children with disabilities. As businesses become more competitive and everybody is considered a customer, entrepreneurs are starting to realize that they can tap various individuals to widen their customer base. And children with disabilities aren’t an exception. Target now offers an apparel line entirely dedicated to them. And best of all, they are quite affordable too with prices ranging from $4.50 to $7. These apparels are especially suited for kids with special needs as… Read the rest

Should We Be Worried About The Trump Administration’s Science Priorities?

Advancements are made because of extensive and well-funded research and development studies and trials. It is the only way to innovate and improve our lives. Both the government and the private sector invest heavily in R&D for almost the same reason, with the latter openly doing it for monetary gain. Meanwhile, the government pushes forth these initiatives to improve the production and delivery of basic services and to perhaps discover better products or medical treatment to most diseases that have been plaguing mankind as of late. In both cases, R&D is an investment in future capabilities and technologies that are aimed to uplift people’s lives and change the way we live (hopefully, for the better). A country like America has always been at the forefront of major technologies, advancements, and innovations that the world has been blessed with over the last century and that is still the case until now. However, we all know how politics affect these issues and the federal state’s science-related initiatives depend on who’s sitting in… Read the rest

The Cons Of Quantum Computing

We all know we can’t stop progress from happening regardless of our reservations. There will always be someone hard at work into making new discoveries and advancing human life than what we know it today. At this point in time, most of us equate progress with technology. It is already a giveaway seeing all the tech gadgets we now own that were unheard of in the last few decades. We have accomplished so much and we can achieve so much more in the coming years that is without a doubt. We hear stories about what experts in the tech industry are up to now and quantum computing is almost always mentioned. It is the future that is waiting for us but will the human race really benefit from too much technology in our lives? As early as now, we are already aware of the negative effects of excessive technology use to humans especially when it comes to our health. We lose sleep, become overexposed to unnecessary radiation, and so… Read the rest