Co-Parenting After Divorce

A parent’s life changes once kids come into the picture. It is no longer just about yourself but about that cute and tiny human being whose entire life now depends on you. Your kid becomes the center of your world and you try to parent the child the best way you know how. While most households are made up of a father, a mother, and the kids, many families right now are led by single parents. Divorce is no longer as controversial as it once was but just as traumatic for any child. But parents must learn to set aside their differences if they truly love their child and will put his / her best interest in mind. Co-parenting is not easy. It means you have to deal with (or even be friends with) the person who used to be your lover but became your worst enemy (most likely). You have no choice but to do that for the sake of your child.
Children are the ones most affected by
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