Social Media’s Fight Against Terrorism

If there’s one thing that defines today’s era, it is the dominance of technology especially that of the Internet. As the web continues to flourish, platforms like social media became household’s name all over the world. Even countries plagued by poverty have room for social media in their lives. It has even become an addiction for many who can’t last a day without tinkering with their smart gadgets and browsing their social media news feed not to mention posting their latest selfie for the day. Aside from the rise of technology, one thing that has captured our attention for years now is the spread of terrorism in various parts of the globe. These religious extremists are often Muslim rebels who cause havoc and terror using their religion as a lame excuse. Millions have died and been displaced because war continues to ravage countries like Syria, for instance. For people living far from the war-zone, we wonder how we can put an end to terrorism without necessarily fighting these extremists in… Read the rest

Chinese Supercomputers Wow The World

China is the second biggest economy in the world next to that of America. Despite being clouded in mystery and remained in isolation until several decades ago, the Chinese were able to catch up fast with the rest of the world and become a force to reckon with that it is today. Not only does China have one of the biggest land space and highest population on the planet, many of the products sold in other countries are actually “Made in China” too. The Chinese definitely are competitive and they don’t stop just by being a big economic giant. They continue with their quest to develop innovative technologies that can make a big impact on human lives someday. And knowing that computers are at the heart of any technology, China has just recently launched the fastest supercomputer in the world that only uses local chip technology and even hardware (semiconductors). The decision to use and create exclusive Chinese materials is partly influenced by the US move to ban the exportation… Read the rest

The Future Lies With Quantum Computing

Technology progresses quickly. The hottest computer or smartphone now will be obsolete a few years from now. So, it is not surprising to learn that experts predict the future of quantum computing. Although not yet available for public use, quantum computers are already accessible to a select few for further research and testing. They should also help with data issues. Present-day computers are only but a shadow of what quantum computer can offer mankind. We can finally be free of the many technological limitations that we face each day. Think of artificial intelligence – it is just one of the things you can associate with quantum computing. But is it the only way to go for everyone? How sure are we that our lives will improve and prosper once quantum computing takes over the world?
After decades of research, the first quantum computers are now up and running. The question now is: What do we do with them? IBM and D-Wave are trying to cash in on their expensive
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Fake Reality On Social Media

Social media is a universe of its own. Who would’ve thought that so many things can happen in the virtual world known as the World Wide Web? Traveling the world remains to be a dream for many. There are many Americans who have never been out of state, much more out of the country. But there are wanderers who revel in traveling the world and experiencing different cultures and different ideas. While money and time remain to be a problem, those who have strong wanderlust tendencies will find a way to realize their dream of traveling the world one place at a time. Today, you can see travel photos and videos on social media and feel as if you have traveled the world yourself. Global interconnectivity became possible through the web. And the best part, these are the stories and trips of your friends not just of celebrities. The downside is that as more people use social media, there’s a bigger possibility that these photos and videos are fabricated.… Read the rest

Gender Gap In Computing: Is It Still There?

Silicon Valley is the country’s hub for technology. Most computer and other tech-related start-ups had their humble beginnings in this place before they conquered the world. The brilliant minds behind their success are mostly men who have become famous icons that humanity will always look up to and be thankful for. Up to now, the majority of big tech companies are still founded and owned by men. But as technology is becoming more mainstream, not only does it capture the interest of men but of women too. Even though it is a man’s world just like politics, more and more women are making a name in a niche they have no place for in the past. And we can look forward to countless women throughout the globe who will rise up to the challenge of carving their place in the tech world (not just in computers, mind you, but in other aspects of the technological race) in the years to come.
It’s all about embracing an industry that hasn’t traditionally
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Are Computers Getting Smarter Than Us?

Modern living relies on a lot of technology. From household appliances to entertainment gadgets, we depend on it in everything we do. Who would’ve thought a couple of decades ago that we will be using smartphones and smart televisions when we used to watch from bulky television boxes with no other special features? Social media is a far bigger platform with people’s lives and businesses revolving around it. Technology is definitely more superior now. But we should acknowledge the people and their brilliant minds behind all these advancements. It has even confused come and made them think that computers have become smarter than us. And actually, it might just be a possibility sooner than we expected.
Your smartphone is about to get a brain in the form of a neurally inspired computer chip, and it will be based on the first truly new sort of computing hardware since the invention of computers themselves. These chips are already beginning to change the industry, but now they’re making their way into consumer
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Talking About Data Recovery Services

The hard drive is the device within the computer that stores and retrieves data as the computer functions. Inside this drive is a disk that works with a read-write mechanism to store new data and then provide that data when the user calls upon it. Everything is stored onto this disk including pictures, documents, videos, programs, anything installed as well as the computer’s operating systems. The hard drive is essential to the function of your computer and many people choose to back-up, or create copies of, the data that is stored on it. In the event of a hard drive crash, data is often lost as the disk is unreadable and therefore the information is inaccessible. Data can be lost due to hard drive crash or physical damage leaving the hard drive too corrupted to retrieve your data. Hard drive recovery experts like the Hard Drive Recovery Associates can provide data recovery services to extract your important files from your damaged or malfunctioning hard drive. Most commonly, hard drive malfunctioning… Read the rest