The State Of The U.S. Agriculture

Technology may be the apple of our eyes now but there are other industries that matters just as much but do not get the attention it deserves. And I am talking about the agriculture sector. The American may do farming differently right now with the various technologies in place to make crop planting and food farming easier and done at a larger scale but let us also acknowledge the many small-time farmers who do everything like it was did in the past. As we all become aware of various agricultural and manufacturing processes and its relation to the state of our health, we understand the value of eating food free of chemicals and pesticides that are a common practice in modern-day farming. The demand for organic produce is increasing and now even has a place on the shelves of some major food retailers and supermarkets. More people are patronizing local farmer’s market in search of the freshest and healthiest fruits and veggies in the land. But despite all these… Read the rest